Thank you so much for buying Kare & Passion handmade bath and body products. 

PAYMENT: We are accepting PayPal and credit cards with stripe for all of our internet transactions.

PRIVACY: All information provided to us by our customers will always be kept confidential. We will never sell any information to any other organization.

ARTISTIC PRINT: All of our products are handmade. Each bar of soaps will be unique in its appearance and size. Each bar might be slightly different from what is pictured. 

ALLERGIES: It is the responsibility of the user of our products to make sure they are not allergic to it. We list all the ingredient of every product we have. Everyone's skin is different, some more sensitive than others so please test the soap on a small part of your arm before fully using our product. 

REFUNDS & RETURNS: Due to the nature of our products , we do not accept any returns once the package is opened. if you received the wrong order please send us an email immediately and do not open the item. Once the product is open we cannot accept it for return or refund.